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Get Ready, Seminole! We’re coming (Early Fall)

Welcome to the newest SWET in Seminole! Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals with top-notch equipment, expert trainers, and a vibrant community.

Founding Memberships!

We are excited to offer exclusive Founding & Legacy Memberships for our upcoming Seminole location! Choose your future membership and secure your spot with a $49 Reservation Fee and enjoy these benefits until we open:

Reservation Fee: $49

  • 4 drop-in classes at our St. Pete location until Seminole opens
  • Access to exclusive Founding/Legacy Member events

Membership Options

Founding Membership: (Only 100 spots available)

  • Cost: $129 per month for the first 12 months, then $179 per month
  • Benefits:
    • 1 Guest credit per month
    • 2 drop-in classes at St. Pete per month

Legacy Membership: (Only 50 spots available)

  • Cost: $149 per month for life
  • Benefits:
    • 1 Guest credit per month
    • 2 drop-in classes at St. Pete per month

Join us and be a part of our founding community, enjoying special rates and privileges as we prepare to welcome you to our new Seminole location!


What is a Reservation Fee?
  • The Reservation Fee is $49, securing your Founding or Legacy membership rate until the Seminole location opens. Although this fee doesn’t apply to your first month’s membership payment, it grants you access to four classes at our St. Pete location and exclusive Founding & Legacy member events.
What if I use all four classes before the Seminole location opens and want more?

You have the option to purchase additional classes for $11 each.

Will I be able to take classes at the St. Pete location until the Seminole location opens?

Absolutely. By paying the Reservation Fee, you not only lock in your founding rate but also receive a four-pack of drop-in classes to use at the St. Pete location until the Seminole location opens and your founding membership becomes active.

What if I am a member of the St. Pete but want to be a Founding or Legacy Member at Seminole?

St. Pete members have the option to become Founding or Legacy members at Seminole. However, this membership will only provide access to the Seminole location. Members will also receive two drop-in classes per month for use at St. Pete.

Will the class schedule be the same at the Seminole location?

The Seminole location will open with a limited class schedule, offering classes six days a week, including early morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.

Will the same class styles be offered at the Seminole location?

Yes, we will offer both LIFT and SHRED classes at the Seminole location.

What are the different types of classes SWET offers?


During our group lift classes we aim to increase muscle size with the potential to gain additional mass. This class style will be similar to bodybuilding & hypertrophy training. Think heavier weights with lower rep ranges and occasional max rep sets. This class will increase your muscle endurance through lifting weights while enhancing your cardiovascular ability. Strictly strength. No running, jumping, etc. This class includes barbell movements. Upper body and lower body program splits.
*All levels welcome



Lifting heavy weights fast is exactly what this class includes. Metabolic conditioning, muscle building, and interval weight training. You can expect to move a heavy load with speed and intention and follow it with performance based movements and or cardio. AMRAPs, EMOMs, and Rounds for Time are a few of the formats that you will see in this class. Barbells are utilized but athletes can always modify with dumbbells or kettlebells when necessary.
*All levels welcome

Will there be showers available?

Yes, both the men’s and women’s restrooms will have showers available.

When will this location open?

We plan to open in the early-mid fall (September-October)

What is the membership commitment period

All memberships have a 90 day commitment period with a 30 day notice to cancel

Contact us

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We are conveniently located at:

2488 20th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713

SEMINOLE (Coming Soon)
10527 Park Blvd
Seminole, Florida 33772

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