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Sweat classes are built around strength, HIIT, cardio, and core workouts. At Sweat, you are part of a community of fitness enthusiasts that want motivation and workouts that get results.

A man attending fitness classes, laying on a bench with two dumbbells.


During our group lift classes we aim to increase muscle size with the potential to gain additional mass. This class style will be similar to bodybuilding & hypertrophy training. Think heavier weights with lower rep ranges and occasional max rep sets. This class will increase your muscle endurance through lifting weights while enhancing your cardiovascular ability. Strictly strength. No running, jumping, etc. This class includes barbell movements. Upper body and lower body program splits.
*All levels welcome

A man and woman participating in fitness classes at a gym.


Lifting heavy weights fast is exactly what this class includes. Metabolic conditioning, muscle building, and interval weight training. You can expect to move a heavy load with speed and intention and follow it with performance based movements and or cardio. Amraps, Emoms, and Rounds for Time are a few of the formats that you will see in this class. Barbells are utilized but athletes can always modify with dumbbells or kettlebells when necessary.
*All levels welcome

A group of women attending fitness classes in a gym.


SCULPT is a total body based HIIT class that will lift and sculpt while burning calories. This class uses light to heavy dumbbells and kettlebells to suit your goals, booty bands, and plyometrics to target every area of your core, lower, and upper body. You can expect to put the heavy lifts aside and focus on burning it out with lighter weights and time under tension.
*All levels welcome

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